Sun protection is essential in every home. A pleasant temperature in your home and a lovely shaded terrace, that's how you get through the hot summer. Read here, among other things, about the different types of choices you can choose from. Can't get it out? We are happy to advise you. Complete the form here and we will contact you shortly.


DVK Sun protection fabrics from Dickson are available in various colors and sizes. click here then you have the option to adapt your choice to your personal taste and to your home. You can also order fabric samples without obligation.


DVK Sun blinds are available in various colors and sizes. This gives you the option to adjust your choice to your personal taste and to your home.

DVK Blinds incorporates insulating materials in the shutters, making it silent. The insulation also influences the temperature inside the house. In too hot or cold weather, they ensure a pleasantly stable climate in your home.

DVK Zonwering only produces its shutters from the strongest aluminum. Through years of experience, DVK Zonwering knows what quality is, products that can withstand the highest test of criticism. All of its products are burglary prevention. Burglars will think twice if your house is equipped with shutters from DVK Blinds.


Screens are especially suitable for places where no other sun protection is desired. Electrically operated screens work great as sun blinds and also offer extra privacy. With a screen, passers-by can hardly see inside, while you still have a view outside from home. Vertical blinds with screens keep your home cool in the summer and screens offer extra insulation against the cold in the winter.

Important for the appearance of your home is that the screens fit nicely with the existing colors and thus form one whole with the frames. We are happy to help you determine the right color for your aluminum frames. Regarding the patterns and colors of the textile ... you are guided by your own taste, but we are happy to advise you on this. In any case, you can be sure that screens from DVK Zonwering will retain their fresh appearance for years.


A wooden or aluminum awning is made up of a number of slats that are connected to each other by means of hinges. The number of slats depends on the failure. The awning frame is equipped with awning fabric. If desired, the awning can be equipped with a deck board or even side panels.

Awnings can be made in either pine, hardwood or aluminum. For wooden frames the wood size is 20 x 46 mm and for aluminum frames the profile size is 15 x 55 mm. Aluminum awnings are virtually maintenance-free, but have a less nostalgic appearance than wooden awnings. Wood and aluminum can also be combined; for example an aluminum frame with a hardwood casing.

Hood and side panels
The aluminum cover is 240 mm deep and standard 200 mm wider than the awning. The aluminum side panels are tapered downwards. The wooden deckboard is 240 mm deep and is also 200 mm wider than the awning. The wooden side pieces are tapered with twice a rounded offset. The hardwood side pieces are also provided with a freeze edge.

The cloths are made of 100% woven acrylic and have a weight of approx. 310 grams per square meter. Due to the heavy finishing, the fabric is moisture-resistant, rot and mold-free and resistant to weather influences. You can choose from numerous prints, stripes and colors.

Terrace cover

At DVK Zonwering you can go for different types of terrace roofs (also known as verandas) with a fixed roof you are sheltered, you have more comfort and living space. Now you can enjoy the outdoors for longer. Your precious garden furniture is safe and dry in your garden room and you ensure that your house increases in value. In addition, with a flexible system you can control the heat and the incidence of light. Available as standard in cream white (RAL 9001), white (Ral 9016) & anthracite (RAL 7016).


On hot and sunny days, the temperature on a terrace or in a conservatory can rise considerably. Of course there are also sun protection solutions for those situations. For the conservatory awning there is the Serrano that combines functionality with design. For the pergola awning, where a very wind-resistant and stable system is used.

Bear in mind that large widths with large dropouts must also be combined, then there is the Madeira. For both systems it applies that the fabric moves between or over two conductors and that they can only be operated electrically.

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